Cancellation/temporary suspension of the ready2order account: POS archive service

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Would you like to temporarily cancel or pause your current subscriptions, but at the same time keep your POS data (products, invoices, company data, settings, etc.) and avoid the new activation fee for reactivating your readyAccount? Then we now offer a solution: our POS archive service.

ready2order is your reliable partner at all times: with our POS archive service, we take on a significant responsibility as a company to ensure that we support you with proper accounting and that your data continues to be securely archived. This specialised cloud service is not only efficient, but also essential for ensuring accurate electronic records.

Temporary suspension (including POS archive service)

For just €5.00 per month, your POS system is archived simply, securely and in compliance with the law. When you resume your business operations, no reconfiguration is required, there is no new activation fee and all data is available as it was at the time of decommissioning.

Cancellation (including POS archive service)

For just €50.00 per year, your POS system is archived simply, securely and in compliance with the law. All cash register data, invoices, receipts and documents are stored via the ready2order cloud service. This ensures quick and easy access to all documents in the event of a tax audit. It also helps you to comply with any existing statutory retention obligations in your country. Please note that this annual fee is non-refundable in the event of early resumption of your business.

With our POS archive service, you can archive your cash register system easily and securely:

  • Full access to all your POS data, invoices, receipts and company documents
  • No reconfiguration necessary
  • No new activation fee
  • Can be cancelled at any time (the yearly service can only be cancelled annually)
  • Affordable for just €5.00 per month or €50.00 per year

If you have any questions about our cash register archiving service, please do not hesitate to contact us at ready2order.

Please note the following information if you are subject to the Austrian cash register requirement and would like to cancel your account.

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