Install ready2order app on different devices

On which devices can I use the ready2order software?

ready2order software works on all devices. Find out which browsers and operating systems are compatible here .

Unfortunately, the ready2order cash register app cannot be used on devices made by Huawei that do not have Google services such as the Google Play Store.

To enjoy the best software quality, always keep your operating system, browser and the ready2order app up to date.

However, billing should always be done via the app!

How can I install my ready2order app?

To install the ready2order app, select your operating system, follow the link and download the app for your device:

How do I update my operating system and browser?

Select your operating system or browser and follow the manufacturer's instructions to update it on your device

operating system


*Safari is linked to the iOS or MacOS operating system. Update iOS or MacOS to get the latest version of Safari on your device.

Newer browser versions do not work on some older operating systems – update the operating system first, then the browser!
If you are using the ready2order app on your Android device, update your Android system webview app here .

Why are current hardware, operating systems and browsers important?

We always strive to offer our users the best possible software quality based on the latest technology. We sometimes encounter limitations if the hardware, operating system or browser on which our app runs are not up to date.

Current browsers, which usually also require a current operating system, have the following advantages:

  • Security: Newer browsers provide better protection against viruses, fraud, data theft and other privacy and security threats, and close security holes that attackers can use to gain access to your computer.
  • Speed: New browser generations improve the speed at which web pages are displayed.
  • New technologies: The technologies used on modern websites are better supported by current browsers, thus increasing functionality and presentation.
  • Convenience & Performance: With new features, enhancements and better customizability, the ready2order applications can be operated faster and easier.

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