Login/Registration in the POS

The POS is used to record orders and purchases. This article explains how to register at the cash register in more detail. In the following image you can see the registration field:

We recommend the ready2order desktop app for logging into the checkout interface.

There are the following three input fields:

  1. Main username (company recognition)
    This name was sent to you by ready2order via email and must always be entered.
  2. Username (optional)
    Username is optional and does not necessarily have to be entered. Usernames prevent your employees from making serious changes to the settings. You can also see the turnover that each employee has made.
  3. Password
    Here you enter either the password of the main account or of the respective employee (user).
You have received the access data from ready2order via email. If you have already changed your password, please enter the new password here.
To use the Username , employees must first be created in the administration interface at ready2order.

Here we show you how to change your password

We also answer your support requests via chat. Click here to go to the chat.

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