What is the difference between the POS system subscription and the Gastro package?

The cash register system basic subscription is the right entry-level product for all new ready2order customers. Additional packages such as the catering package or cash book can be selected as an option.

Which subscriptions do I need?

The POS system subscription is particularly suitable for retail businesses, service providers or smaller gastronomy businesses such as cafes, bars, food trucks, snack bars or restaurants without table service. This subscription includes all basic features of ready2order.

The Gastro package is best suited for gastronomy businesses such as restaurants, cafes etc. with table service (formerly Gastro subscription). In this extension you have additional features that are most important for these businesses.

Try out the subscription types in the test account

Once you have created a test account, you can switch between Gastro and Standard mode and try out both.

To switch from standard to gastro mode, proceed as follows:

  • Click settings in the top right corner
  • Click on Company Information on the left
  • Click on the tab business premises (readyAccount)
  • Under Mode you can choose between retail and gastronomy
  • Click Save

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The features of the ready2order subscriptions at a glance

The POS system subscription includes the following features:

  • Sales processing and document creation
  • Quotation and delivery note creation
  • Send receipts and invoices via email
  • Coupon management
  • Discount function
  • Tip calculator
  • Remaining money calculator
  • Automatic daily closing
  • Cashless payment via card terminal
  • Device and location independent
  • Warehouse management with scanning function
  • Fast user switching with multi-login function
  • Managing multiple companies
  • Product management
  • Fast setup through product import
  • Product variations
  • Suppliers management
  • Customers management
  • Employee management
  • Data export for all common accounting systems (DATEV, BMD)
  • Automatic transmission of monthly and annual reports to tax advisors
  • Evaluations of sales, bestsellers, employee performance, etc.

Additional gastronomy features

In addition to the features mentioned above, the Gastro subscription also offers the following features:

  • Table view
  • Digital ordering to kitchen/bar
  • Take-away function
  • Invoices & split tables
  • Menu selection
  • Happy Hour
  • Side dish management
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