The difference between Admin Interface and POS

When you register for the test account, you will notice that ready2order has an Admin Interface and a checkout interface. In this article, you will learn the differences and get an overview of which interface is used for what.

The Admin Interface

As the name suggests, you can manage your products here, make personalized settings and carry out exports for your tax advisor.

You can access your admin interface via ready2order .

1) Product management

Set up your new cash register quickly by entering all your products manually or by importing them. Assigning all products to product groups helps you navigate the app more quickly and also better assign your company's success.

The additional product variations function allows you to assign individual product discounts, descriptions and tax rates, thus managing your products even better.

Inventory management helps you keep an eye on inventory shortages and never miss out on sales again.

2) Customer management

Better understand who comes to your store and access the purchase history of your regular customers with the integrated CRM.

3) Statistics

Keep track of the most important company figures in order to make strategic decisions based on data. This includes analyses of sales development, employee performance, bestsellers and many more. In the Admin Interface you can adapt this information to your personal needs using many filters and also export it to spreadsheet software for more detailed analyses.

Furthermore, you can export all transactions to all common tax consulting systems (DATEV, BMD) to relieve your tax advisor of work and thus save costs.

4) Settings

Here you can make personalized settings to adapt the software to your company's individual processes. You can also manage all access rights via user management.

Click here for more detailed explanations of the individual features in the administration interface.


For all operational business processes – such as invoice creation and crediting – there is the practical ready2order app, in which you can process a sale and create an invoice quickly and intuitively.

If you run a restaurant, you also have the option of serving your guests different course menus and putting them on the tables. You can also add products spontaneously in the cash register interface, manage invoices and get a quick and uncomplicated insight into various reports.

You can access the checkout interface at ready2order or in the ready2order app for Mac, Windows or Android devices.

Click here for more information about the checkout interface.

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The functions of ready2order at a glance

  • Sales processing and document creation
  • Quotation and delivery note creation
  • Send receipts and invoices via email
  • Coupon management
  • Discount function
  • Tip calculator
  • Remaining money calculator
  • Cashbook
  • Automatic daily closing
  • Cashless payment via card terminal
  • Device and location independent
  • Warehouse management with scanning function
  • Fast user switching with multi-login function
  • Managing multiple companies
  • Product management
  • Fast setup through product import
  • Product variations
  • Suppliers management
  • Customers management
  • Employee management
  • Data export for all common accounting systems (DATEV, BMD)
  • Automatic transmission of monthly and annual reports to tax advisors
  • Evaluations of sales, bestsellers, employee performance, etc.

Additional gastronomy features

  • Table view
  • Digital ordering to kitchen/bar
  • Take-away function
  • Invoices & split tables
  • Menu selection
  • Happy Hour
  • Side dish management
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