Make payments with your readyPay terminal

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For our Swiss customers : readyPay is not yet available in your country. Click here to receive further information about an alternative card payment option.

Payments with your readyPay terminal (readyGo as a card payment terminal) can be made very easily. As soon as your readyPay application has been activated and you have linked your readyPay terminal, you can start making card payments immediately.

  1. If you have not yet switched on your readyPay terminal, switch it on. After booting up, you will see the following screen and your readyPay terminal is ready to process card payments:
  1. Log in to your cash register system and go to Checkout, select your desired products as usual and choose the payment method readyPay in the payment menu
If readyPay is not directly visible, you can find all payment methods under Options. You can set your preferred payment method in the Admin Interface.
  1. The payment process will now start. On the left side you can see what the payment process looks like on your POS system. On the right side, you can see what it looks like on your readyPay terminal

  1. Follow the instructions on your readyPay terminal
  2. For card payments, you or your customer can now
    1. Insert the card (possible on the right side of the device, for cards with chip)
    2. swipe the card (possible on the top of the screen, for cards with magnetic stripes),
    3. or use the NFC function (contactless) (quickest and easiest, on the lid under which the paper roll is located)
  3. If the payment is successful, a green window appears with the text “Transaction successful” and an invoice is created in your ready2order cash register system.
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