Connect multiple readyPay terminals to your POS system

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For our Swiss customers: readyPay is currently not available in your country. Click here to receive further information about an alternative card payment option.

You have the option of connecting several readyPay terminals (readyGo as a card terminal) to your account. This means you can assign a specific readyPay terminal to an input device you use. You can find out how this works in this article.

You can also use one or more readyMini Pay devices combined with your cash register system as a readyPay terminal. You can find all the help articles here.

First, connect all the terminals you want to use with your POS system.

For example, you have two input devices on which you use the ready2order cash register system. Let's call these input device A and input device B. You also have two readyPay terminals (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) that you have already linked to your account. You can now set which terminal should be addressed by which input device for a card payment. If, for example, you want Terminal 2 to be addressed when you start a card payment from input device A, you can set this up as follows.

By default, the last connected readyPay terminal will be assigned to your input device with which you have connected your readyPay terminal.
  1. On your input device, go to settings (gear icon). Now select the drop-down field shown in the following image

  1. Select your desired readyPay terminal, which should be addressed by the input device now in use

You can find the respective number (such as #0688 in the picture) on the screen of your paired readyPay payment terminal in terminal mode.

The numbers are the last four digits of the serial number. You can also find this on the back of your device, starting with "SN: [...]".
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