What are the fees for readyPay ?

For our Swiss customers: readyPay is currently not available in your country. Click here to receive further information about an alternative card payment option.

The fees for readyPay are purely transaction-based. There are no fixed monthly costs for using readyPay.

The transfers (transfer time: 2 to 3 days) are made directly and minus the transaction fee (with the older tariff also minus the discount) and are not billed monthly. However, you can view your invoice every month in the PartnerNet under the menu item " invoices " for an overall overview of the last month.

The transfers that hobex transfers to your account are the amounts minus transaction fees (and discount, if applicable).

If you have any questions about PartnerNet and transfers/invoices, please contact hobex directly: https://www.hobex.at/at/kontakt

The following fee currently applies:

  • 1.23% transaction fee per payment transaction

Status: March 2024

There will be no automatic change to the fees valid since March 2024 if you completed the readyPay application at an earlier date.

Click here to activate readyPay !

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