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For our Swiss customers: readyPay is not yet available in your country. Click here to receive further information about an alternative card payment option.

What is hobex PartnerNet?

Hobex is our partner for the provision of readyPay. The Hobex PartnerNet allows you to view daily sales and transfers and is used for easy self-management. You can find instructions for the Hobex PartnerNet here .

I have forgotten my hobex password. / I cannot log in to hobex PartnerNet – what should I do?

The password can be reset in hobex PartnerNet.

Click on the link “ Forgot password ” on the hobex PartnerNet login page. You will need your partner ID, which you received by email from hobex when you registered. ( )

Otherwise, please contact hobex customers service.

How can I compare my ready2order invoices with the readyPay transactions in hobex PartnerNet?

You can find all sales and transactions with readyPay in the hobex PartnerNet under the item “Your sales”.

Transactions are normally visible in PartnerNet the day after payment is made.

When making a payment with readyPay an error code is displayed. What should I do?

Please contact ready2order customer service and state the error code and time.

What is the maximum limit per transaction?

The maximum amount you can pay per transaction via readyPay is €5,000.

How do I determine if a card payment was successful?

If the transaction is successful, a receipt is printed and an invoice is created in the ready2order system. The transaction is normally visible in hobex PartnerNet the next day.

When will I receive the money from my payments?

All payments that are completed before hobex clearing at 11 p.m. are visible in hobex PartnerNet the following day. Transactions that were carried out after 11 p.m. are only visible one day later.

The transfers are normally carried out within 2 banking days and can then be seen in your account. Transfers may be delayed on holidays/weekends.

I want to change the bank account for the payout. How do I do this?

The bank account can only be changed by hobex. Please contact hobex PartnerNet customers service.

I haven't received a payout. What can I do now?

Please contact hobex PartnerNet customers service directly.

Have the date and time of the transaction in question ready.

Payouts can be viewed in hobex PartnerNet under “Your transfers”. Transfers are normally carried out within 2 banking days and can then be seen in your account. Transfers may be delayed on holidays/weekends.

The invoices for the deducted discount and transaction fees can be viewed in PartnerNet under “invoices”.

Can I use one readyGo device for multiple ready2order accounts for card payments?

Yes, that is possible. If you log in to another account with your readyGo, you can also make payments using readyPay.

You can find all support articles for the all-in-one device readyGo here!
We also answer your support requests via chat. Click here to go to the chat.

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