Information about the API

Information about the API

Here you can find information about the API/interface and how you can easily request it on our website.

What is API used for?

API is the short form of “Application Programming Interface”. It is an interface through which several apps/websites can communicate with each other and exchange information.

How is an interface created?

An API is an open interface that is used to connect different apps, programs and programming languages. This is used for communication and information between these different programs. The information is exchanged in a so-called JSON format (one program asks the question and the other responds with the value).

What is a developer token?

Developer and account tokens are ready2order specific and are required for client authentication. They serve as a “secret word” between the customer and ready2order to ensure the authenticity of requests via the API.

The developer token is required for the “API Integrator”. Account tokens can be created using this token. An API Integrator is not tied to an account and can create account tokens in different accounts of different customers , provided they are given permission to do so. You can imagine a service provider who manages the web shops for different companies.

What is the account token?

The account token is used for identification. It is required for querying data from a specific account.

Which software is the r2o API compatible/can it connect to?

We provide official libraries for PHP and NodeJS for API communication.

What is the process from application to obtaining access?

API application on the website

  1. Visit our ready2order website
  2. Scroll down to the bottom. Under "Resources" you will find the link to the API
  3. You can request API access here
  4. Fill in all necessary information
  5. The developer token will be sent via email to the applicant, i.e. you
  6. This is followed by logging into your account. An account token is generated using a link in the email
  7. API queries can be created with account tokens
It is important that you have an account with ready2order so that you can request your developer token at ready2order.

Manage API access in the Admin Interface

  1. Open the Admin Interface
  2. Go to Preferences - API-Access
  3. Click on invoices
  4. All existing API access permissions can be seen here

FAQs about the API

Can I enter a purchase price via the API?


Can I change the payment method of an existing invoice via the API?


Can I create a payment receipt via the API?


Which IP address do we need to activate so that r2o can access the API?

We do not have fixed IP addresses for the webhooks.

Although your request is legitimate, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate it at the moment as we are a cloud-based service and we would have to make many changes to our current configuration.

We do not offer ready-made web shops. However, you can create one using our API and a programmer/partner of your choice.
We also answer your support requests via chat. Click here to go to the chat.

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