Shipping and payment of your hardware

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We bill hardware and software separately. We can only ship the hardware once we have received payment. The amount for the hardware cannot be automatically debited from the payment method stored in the account.

As soon as you have confirmed the hardware offer we have sent you, you will receive an "Instant Paycode". This opens a link with a direct link to Klarna, where the amount can be paid using online banking. In this case, the hardware will be shipped automatically as soon as payment has been made. If you no longer have this link, our back office team can send it to you by email. You can reach our back office team at

Payment by bank transfer

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to pay via this link, the amount can also be transferred. Please enter the order number as the intended purpose. If you have already paid and the hardware is still not shipped, please send us the payment confirmation.

Our bank details are as follows:
Recipient: ready2order GmbH
IBAN: AT192011182970719102

Attention: Please note that your payment can only be allocated correctly if you specify the order number as the intended purpose.

How do I know if my hardware has been shipped?

You will receive a shipping confirmation as soon as your hardware has left our warehouse. You will also receive a tracking link to track your delivery. If you have accidentally deleted this, please contact our back office team at ready2order, who can resend it to you.

We also answer your support requests via chat. Click here to go to the chat.

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