From the free trial version to real operation

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From the free trial version to real operation

  • 1| Try it for free
  • 2| Conclusion of contract
  • 3| Basic settings
  • 4| Switch to real mode
  • 5| Activate the signature requirement (AT) or TSE (DE)

In the following article we describe which steps are necessary to successfully test the ready2order cash register system, determine the basic settings and switch to real operation so that you can cash out in a legally compliant manner.

1 | Try it for free

With the free trial version of ready2order you can try out all workflows and functions to ensure that the cash register meets your needs. The trial ends automatically after 7 days.

  • Register here to try out the cash register for free
  • In this article you will find an overview of the most important functions and workflows that you should definitely try out in the test phase
  • You can easily use the POS system with your existing smartphone, tablet or computer. First check whether we support your device . Then simply download our cash register app .

2 | Conclusion of contract

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the best option for your company. If you have been impressed by the ready2order checkout system, you can easily purchase your subscription in person from our consultants or in the online shop .

Your account during the test phase will remain with you even after the contract is concluded. In the test phase you can prepare your system for real operation and specify all the basic settings and add products.

3 | Basic settings

Before you can start the checkout process, we want to introduce the most important basic settings in the cash register:

4 | Switch to real mode

During the test phase you can create invoices, but these are not financially compliant. All invoices that were made in test mode will be deleted and the invoice number will restart as soon as you switch to real mode.

Here you will find detailed instructions on how to switch to real operation.

5 | Activate the signature requirement (AT) or TSE (DE)

This point is not relevant for customers outside of Austria or Germany.

In order for your receipts to be printed in a financially compliant manner, you must activate the signature requirement or TSE. This only works after you have switched to real operation.

For customers in Austria:

According to RKS-V (Cash Register Security Ordinance), every cash register must be registered with FinanzOnline; there are three options. We recommend that you automatically register with FinanzOnline and automatically check your starting receipt.

For customers in Germany:

Since September 30, 2020, your receipts must be signed by an activated technical security device (TSE). Activate your TSE now to start legally compliant document signing. If you have not yet purchased a TSE package, you can do so as part of the activation process.

We hope you have fun with your new cash register system. If you have any questions, please contact our support team at any time.

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