How do I access the settings on the readyGo?

We'll show you how to access the settings on your readyGo!

The readyGo is the successor to the readyP2!
Information for customers from Switzerland: the readyGo is not currently available in your country. We are working on making our devices available in Switzerland.


Device settings on the readyGo:

  1. Turn on your readyGo
  2. Drag from top to bottom, a new window will open
  3. Click on the second icon from the right (gear wheel) in the top right corner
  1. Now you are in the General Settings

Settings in the POS :

  1. Log in to the POS on your readyGo
  2. Click on the gear wheel at the bottom right (second icon from the right)
  1. Click on Device

  1. In Android Settings click on Select
  1. Select General
  2. Now you are in the General Settings

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