What documents do I need to activate readypay?

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For our Swiss customers: readyPay is currently not available in your country. Click here to receive further information about an alternative card payment option.

A number of documents are required to activate readypay. These must be uploaded during the registration process.

If you are a ready2order customer from Germany, please note that you must provide an active VAT ID number in order to successfully complete the readyPay application. If you do not have a VAT ID number, please contact your tax office.


You can use a passport, ID card or driving license to verify your identity. Please note that if you have an ID card or driving license, you must also upload the back. An identification document must also be uploaded for each additional authorized signatory.

statement of account

You will also need a copy of a current bank statement. Please note the following points:

  • Date of the bank statement must be visible
  • Name and IBAN must be clearly visible on the bank statement
  • The bank statement must not be older than two months
  • The transactions/account balances shown on the bank statement do not have to be visible and can be made unrecognizable.

If you are unable to provide us with a bank statement, we ask you to send us a bank confirmation, which must also meet the requirements listed above.

other documents

Depending on the type of company, a business license or business registration as well as a partnership agreement may be required as a file upload:

  • Sole proprietorship: business license or business registration
  • GesbR/GbR: proof of business or business registration and partnership agreement

In accordance with anti-money laundering regulations, the beneficial owners/beneficial owners must also be stated (unless it is a sole proprietorship or a general partnership). This is/are the natural person/people who exercises control over the company due to a capital share/voting rights of more than 25% or in any other way. If the shareholding and voting rights match the shareholding structure shown in the company register/commercial register/association register/other public register and this also reflects the control structure of your company, you do not need any further documents for this topic. Otherwise, you need a voting rights agreement, a trust/syndicate agreement, etc. If necessary, a current and complete WiEReG/transparency register extract is sufficient.

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